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Attention OnRamp Customers!

As you may be aware, US Internet has purchased OnRamp, Inc. and all OnRamp services are in the process of moving or have already been moved to US Internet equipment.  As of May 1, 2002, any messages sent to an email account with an email address of @onrampinc.net will be found on the US Internet mail server named mail.usinternet.com. 


As an email user, this means that in order to get any email sent to you after May 1, 2002, you'll need to make the following changes to your settings within your email program (perhaps Outlook or Outlook Express):


For all users, within your Internet email settings for any email account service that was supplied by OnRamp, change your incoming and outgoing mail servers so that any instance of mail.onrampinc.net is changed to mail.usinternet.com.


For Users of Outlook or Outlook express, click on "tools" and then, depending on the version of Outlook, "services" or "accounts" and access the properties of your internet email account.  On the "servers" tab, you'll find the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Simply change any instance of mail.onrampinc.net or to mail.usinternet.com.


For OnRamp Dialup Users:  Within your dialup properties, you must change your DNS settings from, etc. to:


Primary DNS server:   

Secondary DNS server:   


For windows 9X users, from the desktop, click on "My Computer" and "Dialup Networking". Right-click (using the right-hand mouse button) on your dialup account (probably labeled "onramp") and select "properties" from the menu. Within the dialup properties, click on the "server types" tab and click on the "TCP/IP Settings" button.  On the TCP/IP Settings" window, please change the DNS servers found under "Specify Name Server Addresses" to a primary of and a secondary of


You may change your DNS settings at any time. You should make the email account changes after May 1, 2002


If you have any questions regarding this message and/or need help changing these settings, please contact US Internet technical support at (952) 253-3290 or 1-800-USINTERNET (1-800-874-6837).


Thank you,

Tim Julkowski

US Internet Technical Support

(952) 253-3290



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